New Patients

We welcome new patients to the practice regardless of gender, race, political or religious affiliation.  We do however need to ensure that all prospective patient are eligible for NHS services as we do not register private patients.

Registration requirements

Patients requesting to register are asked where they live to ensure that they live inside our Practice catchment area.  All patients requesting to register are then told that we require photographic ID and proof of current address to register with our Practice.

Patients who do not have adequate proof of address or photographic ID are asked to produce a letter demonstrating who they are and where they live.

Patients from Non-EU countries must have up-to-date visas or relevant home office papers.

Processing of registration paper work is between 9.00am -12.00pm and 2.00pm -4.00pm .

Business Services Organisation Forms

Form HS200 is for patients transferring internally from one GP to another, even if they have a medical card – this allows us and the BSO to update patient information records.

Form HS22X is for all other patients seeking access to NHS services irrespective of whether they have a medical card or not and for UK nationals who do not have medical cards or previous records in the UK.

Appendix 1 (Click Here To Download) 

Appendix 1 lists the countries included in the EU or countries with a reciprocal agreement for health care services.

Appendix 11 (Click Here To Download) 

This appendix outlines the forms and the necessary documentation required for patients depending on their circumstances.

Each new patient will complete the Elmwood New Patient Form and the appropriate BSO form HS200 or HS22X.  We require a full vaccination history for all children under 6 years.  If this information is not available parents are requested to sign the children’s registration form giving consent to start the vaccination program.

Each new patient is given a new patient registration pack and a new patient appointment – 1st apt at Treatment Room and an appointment with Doctor immediately after that time.  Children under 6 years do not require an appointment in the Treatment Room unless they fall in one of our at risk groups.

Our New Telephone Number


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